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Nov 29th 

Offensive power brings OD to life and a tie with Grandbend.   Saturday’s home game featured a full squad and allowed for continued hard play, throughout the game with no shortage of fuel.  Management rearranged the lines, experimenting with the new players, and the result came through; allowing all the lines to produce.

This new force will come just in time to meet the demands of a final surge before Christmas break.



Nov 21st

Like the song “Tillsonburg” says.. “My back still hurts when I hear that word, Tillsonburg!”   No, we weren’t picking tobacoo, but the effects of playing a hard fought game is almost equal the pain.

The OD, short on the bench with only 9 players, held off the offensive power of Tillsonburg for two periods.   Going into the third, the OD were trailing by a goal 3-2.   The wind in their sails began to falter and we ended up losing the game 7-2.


Honourable mention goes to Jim “The Stopper” who faced 2 and 3 rebounds at a time.  After the game the guys said “if you were going to stop the first one Jim, you might as well stop the rest” as we were not coming to your rescue.


All in all a good time…


By the way, we had Papa Smurf come out for the game…he could actually still skate!




Nov 15th

The team continues to push forward in the face of adversity.   Between the challenges of membership and players being called to far away places; we (the team) manage to field a full line-up and play at the excellent levels our fans are accustom too.

Friday’s game was supported by recruits, although we won by default.   And Saturday’s game was “a do one of the gipper” effort.   In this case the gipper may have been our long lost friend and player Randy.   Yes that big old ugly guy return to display his talent and please the crowd one more time.


So as for the recent lack of attendance:  let’s hope the weather goes cold and no more golf!!!!! 


Okay.. enough of that.   Who is running the tournament search this year and where are we going?   See ya Friday!


Oct 20th

The game was not the only thing that was lost Saturday night… Jack and Marty can tell ya.    But no matter what, it was a good time!!   And I have recovered!!

Have a great game on Saturday!   See ya  Tuesday boys.



Oct 17th

Dorchester tonight and all necessary supplies are loaded!   Should be a good game and only Rob and Pat have said they are not coming.

Check out the roster!


Oct 11th       

Well the only thing we had thanks for at our game on Saturday was the beer was cold.   We lost 4-0 which is a good reflection of the game and out lack of offensive power.   Give aways in our zone was a problem but insufficient shots at the other end was the most troubling..

Oh well, turkey to eat is better than turkey we are.. So, enjoy the weekend and your families.   Give thanks and remember one important note.. you are all a bunch of “Great Guys”!


Oct 7th           

Good game, regardless of the outcome.   It was a high scoring event with both teams playing like the Old Edmonton Oiler’s.   Thought was to score more than we let in, just doesn’t work out that way for some. 

Thanks Giving this weekend coming..  we have a game on Saturday.   Also remember to give thanks for all that we have!


Oct 5th           

Hey, I hear the game was one sided?   This cub reporter couldn’t attend as he was scouting out talent in other lands.   But news travels quickly when it comes to the OD club.   It is the equivalent to that of the “Leafs” winning a game.


So did Jack get his memory back and make the game?


Sept 20th       

OH MY GOD!!!   I’m sore!   That was a long skate with 7 a side.   But the teams were evenly matched with a final of 10-7.  Jim really had the white team’s number making lots of stops.   Stan was equally talented and did face a few odd man rushes.


Overall it was a great start to a new season.   Next weekend, the 26th, is a game against the farm team.   Young players wanting to impress the big league for a chance to play in the “show”..  okay, so I stretch the truth.


Also look in the team pic’s for the latest picture of a beautiful sight!   Our beer for the next couple of games.


Sept 14th       

Our first practice is this Sat 19th Sept. at Thompson for 9:00pm.  


The opening night out at Alibi was a good event with a number of the old squad in attendance.   If we drank that much beer the opening night, the rest of the year should be really good.   I must admit that not much changes, Jack is still ugly!


Remember this year’s fees are $450, plus $50 for the sweaters for any new guys.


Look forward to see you all.. no really I do!


Be good and be careful.




Aug 26th        

Oh my goodness, I am sore.   Played hockey last night and I think I left a lung on the ice… ya, ya, no different than normal.   Well I hope you animals are ready for this up and coming season.  


Still haven’t heard from all the players yet.. if you haven’t contacted Rob or me, please let me know.


And how is old Martha doing?   Has anyone heard from the old girl?


Team meeting Sept 3rd at Alibi.. 7:00.   see you there


Aug 24th        

Okay you bunch of good for nothing, lazy, slackers… Oh I was looking in the mirror!


The schedule is ready for validation.   Jim (the goalie) Stephenson is doing his best to look out for my lapses in memory and general confused state.   If you think you see an error with the schedule, let me know.   And remember if you don’t like it.. do the f##k’n thing yourself!


Yes, that means you too Jack!


Aug 13th        

The management are waiting to finalize this year’s line-up.    Apparently some of the veterans have not  contacted their Agent’s to complete contract negotiations.  So please let us know if you are lacing up the skates this year!!


Aug 10th        

Good day to all and to all I wish a great summer…


Okay you slackers!   Time to get in shape and start thinking about hockey for the upcoming season.   The schedule is almost done, so it is still DRAFT.. that is like the one between your ears Tom Rooke!


We are  going to have a team meeting shortly and you’ll be notified as soon as I can set one up.


Remember we need to know now if you are not playing next year.   Most of you can’t play any how, but I actually mean pay the fees!


So talk to you soon and keep doing those arm curls!