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            The philosophy of the OD is to ensure the “club” is fun to play for and participate with.  This philosophy states: Winning of the game is off the ice.  The outcome of the game doesn’t matter in the success of the club; it is the fellowship and good times that matter.



            The OD club consists of 3 members within the voting membership of the club.   These 3 identified members are responsible for the organization of the club in its entirety.  These members’ duties will include, but are not limited to, the financial aspect, scheduling, day to day play of the team.


In addition to these operational duties these members will be responsible for evaluating new members and voting on their acceptance to the club.  These 3 members will be the “ears” of the club and will act accordingly to the “desire” of the club.


The executive structure is intended to be a progressive pattern that allows for the growth in experience and ensure the success of the team.





Membership is the key to the success of our club!  Membership entitles you to the privilege of certain rights within the “club” involvement.  These rights include:



The club will offer vacant positions to new or possible recruits.  These recruits are subject to a 1 year evaluation period.   At the end of 1 year, the executive will vote on the acceptance of the new member.   The evaluation is not based on skill, but the ability to fit within the club and to continue the longevity of the club.