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Our Team

The Team is always made from the current players. However to truly be a TEAM it is the legacy that will solidify your spirit. The OD have been in existence for more than 30 years and we continue to grow. To solute our history and the players that take us forward; we thank both the current team and the alumni that have built our past.

Current Roster

Name Num Position Nick Name
Gary Anderson 42 Center Mother Goose
Marty Callow 4 Defense Swivel Head
Eric Christiansen Wing "Right-on"
Rob Dash 41 Defense butterfly
Dave Gignac 43 Defense Hamstring
Pat Gowdy Center Puckless
Robin Hunter 12 Rover Weak knees
Bob Johnston 15 Wing Really winded
Tom Johnston 55 Wing Hands
Michael King Defense unknown
Michael Leach Center puppy
Rob Mennen Wing Slowing
Jack Morin Center Granddad
Dave Powell Defense Flipper
Tom Rooke 20 Defense Grumpy
Jim Stephenson 1 Goal The Wall
Paul Marshman somewhere Rusty Blades


This section is under construction